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since the summer of 1984, trying to find a parameter that is modified by pulsed magnetic field. One of the observations made from subjects exposed to the whole field is a transient sensation of dizziness or loss of balance, and also a better induction to sleep the day they are exposed.

I have hypothesized that the most likely effect of Pulsed Magnetic Field (P.M.F.) is at the cellular level. Zimmerman's works concerning paramagnetic materials is well known in the scientific community. Magneto-Encephalo-Graphy (M.E.G.), one of its application, can detect abnormal brain cortical activity such as those seen in epileptic foci, i.e. abnormal inductive activity (or radiated emf) of the brain's cells.
Cohen  (5) demonstrated the instrumental ability to detect human brain waves from a distance (M.E.G.), by placing the subject in an area surrounded by  Helmholtz coils, and locating the detectors  near the subject's head.

Considering that the brain emits alpha and beta waves and is clinically modified by P.M.F., and that P.M.F. change the conscious state (wakefulness to sleep or sleep to wakefulness), one would explain neuro-anatomically that P.M.F. modifies the response of the reticular formation (cellular level) and the nonspecific thalamo-cortical (cellular level) system, which are considered the principal integrators.

These principal integrators are the structures implicated in the regulation of the cortical electrical activity of the brain and they thus explain the former clinical observations cited. (4).

The second observation (re: a sensation of dizziness or lost of balance) illustrates the labyrinthine stimulation. This labyrinthine-like stimulation (nystagmus-like) suggests that vestibular impulses involved in this phenomenon may pass via the reticular formation (cellular level). Nystagmus produced by labyrinthine stimulation is not abolished by section of the longitudinal fasciculi (6), (7), and (8).

It is my belief that P.M.F. will be a field of major interest and discovery in the coming decade, in terms of finding new therapeutic non-invasive approaches in the treatment of pathological conditions of the neuro- musculo-skeletal system.

This experiment, performed in the most controlled environment, illustrates my objectives in finding the physiological effect of pulsed magnetic field on biological systems.

By: Clifford Sarrazin-Sullivan m.d.

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