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CBS Medical Technologies was started in late 1997 in order to implement the technology developed and patented by Doctor C.S. Sullivan MD into a device that is offered to doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors.
MagScan-I ® is the first in a series of products that are the result of 15 years of research and development

Doctor C.Sarrazin-Sullivan, MD

  • BA Pre-Medical from the University of Ottawa. (Canada).

  • Doctor in Medicine from the University of Sherbrooke. (Canada)

  • Post Doctorate Internship at McGill University.

  • Infra-red studies with AGA680 on the effect of low frequency pulsed magnetic field on blood circulation. (see technical article 1)

  • 1984 Memorial University of St-John (Canada): pulsed magnetic field & its effect on total heat gain in human subject in a thermally neutral environment.(see technical article 2)

  • 1983-1998, various publications on the biological effects of low frequency pulsed magnetic field.(see technical article 3)

  • 1983-1998, extensive research on the treatment of shoulder calcified supraspinatus tendons, that led to the development of the present therapeutic system and method.

Our Expertise

  • Electromagnetic Therapy

Our Philosophy

  • Non invasive treatment

Our World

  • Your health

François P. Baudin

  • BA University of Paris, IMBA Purdue University (USA).

  • President of F.P.Baudin & Assoc. Inc. an international sales & marketing consulting company.

  • 25 years experience in International Sales & Marketing with high technology companies.

  • Set-up & managed in Canada the subsidiaries of foreign companies, Team Inc. and Gaia Converter Inc.

  • Established & managed complete European distribution networks for Memotec Inc., Perle Systems Ltd., Datagram and United Technologies.

  • Arranged the sale of a multi-million dollar data communications network to the Société Général de Banque in Belgium.

  • Negociated a manufacturing license for SEFME of France with a major US manufacturer.

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