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A medical device design for the treatment of pathologicals conditions of the musculo-tendino-skeletal system.

MagScan-I ... Why

The cell membrane is a three dimensional concept.  MagScan-I is a multi-axial, low frequency pulsed system.  This unique multi-axial signal (x,y,z axis) is the only way to treat the cell membrane on its entire surface.

MagScan-I ... How

MagScan-I activate the negative ions exchange at the cell membrane surface thus re-establishing it's initial state of polarization.
MagScan-I utilizes a frequency, intensity and polarity signal designed specifically for the stabilization of the cell membrane potential.

MagScan-I ... Today

MagScan-I is the advanced treatment of the future and provides superior results compare to any  other medical device that uses PMF (pulsed magnetic field signals).
MagScan-I signal is environmentally secure.
MagScan-I coordinates are near the Schuerman resonance frequency (8-12 hertz ).

MagScan-I ... Versatility

The only medical device in it's field of application that offers versatility in operating mode .
The health professionnal may personnalized the patient's  treatment by selecting  mode such has scanned or non-scanned signal  or modulated or non-modulated signals.

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